Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Tour Continues

Folk, wats good. Just got bac from a great trip in Memphis, TN and I must say Memphis is off the chain. Spent two nights and two days in a hotel in Germantown near Cordova on the east end of Memphis (but only a total of 10 hours at the hotel all weekend.) I visited my man @ Southland Mall who informed me that a new artist in the area wants to hook up with a member of the MAD MAN staff for drinks and conversation. I told my guy thats wats up.

While in Memphis I talked to some cats downtown and they were anticipating the Retros & uptowns coming out later next month which are going to be hot. They were also requesting some freaked forces before the festivities of Memphis in May pop off. I told them I will have them taken care of by mid April.

Looks like it is going to be a busy next two months so I need to get started.

Oh yeah stay posted for some new customs which are going to be posted soon.




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