Sunday, January 29, 2006

Wats good fam! This weekend was tite! Handled some biz before gettin on the road. I woke up at 6am Saturday and called my guy who manages a store that would be carry the DMP pack. As expected he was already on his way to his store for the 7:00am opening. He said people offered up to 5 hundred dollars for the package before the release date. Of course my man declined but created a lottery which was just as effective. He was excited about the day and told me he already purchased his pack.

Around 8 am after sending a few text messages to our network fam in the A (Atlanta) regarding a new project we got under way we got on the road and headed to the East St. Louis. The purpose of the trip was to network and met a client about a bid. We do not want to jump the gun but stay posted.

Back in Cashville it is 1030pm and it begins to rain. I checked my text messages and found out one of our shoe providers received new equipment that will take our product/service to the next level. Stay posted.

Also I have to prepare to create some custom black on black Forces for a cat from Virginia. A picture will be posted as soon as they are completed.

On a personnel level, I am going prepare for the super bowl in the A.

Peace Bugsy.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Green Sensation

This post we introduce the Green Sensation AF1. One of our largest clients was interesting in something basic but very neat. We sketch a beginning draft and instantly demand was created.

14 hours later we have one of customs finest. The smooth coat blends well with the leather appealing to all. These are hand painted with
4 coats to maximize texture and life span.

Coming soon, Bugsy's tour.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Splash AF1 (Green Yellow & White)

During this time of the year graffiti, air brush, and splash affects come out of the wood work. These were created over the weekend by request. Splash is the special effect that is created by painters when they paint. The best things in this world sometimes happen by accident.

Check out the photo album @


Sunday, January 01, 2006

LEMONHEAD "freaked" 1st Addition

Welcome to the "Mad Man" Studio blog. This is the only place you can find the most unique, customized footwear and apparel items on the web. Email the "Mad Man" at for purchases and other info.

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